It is amazing how well our road through heroic has been. Looking back at Eternal Palace, we can see that investing the time in rebuilding our raiding core truly paid off. We were not only faster this time around but our raid coordination was much better.Some may attribute this to the return of supreme leader GM daddy and his superior wisdom (He also parsed quite ok). About Nyalotha itself we felt that the difficulty curve was way more in-line and the end-boss of each wing really felt like one. N’zoth was okay too. Carapace however was way to long with only the last 2 minutes being challenging. The middle phase was a total snoozefest which meant that you basically had to go over 7 minutes off to then either kill the boss or wipe and go again.

The N’zoth fight itself wasn’t the greatest from a design perspective but at least had a more constant difficulty curve. All in all it is great to be raiding with 25+ people and seeing the effort that is being put into helping the teams progress. While mythic will be restricted to 20 people there will be fights suiting one team composition more than the other.

Having the flexibility of a bigger group will mean that this time around we will get further way faster, something that will end up benefiting everyone. Mythic is next … and Wrathion … you better have plenty of trinkets to hand out!