Vexiona is a void-infused twilight dragon who led the twilight dragonflight in the attack against Vermillion Redoubt in the Twilight Highlands, engaging with Alexstrasza and her Vermillion dragons. She had come with a group of other twilight dragonkin with the goal of corrupting Alexstrasza’s brood into other twilights, claiming that the fate of all dragonflights was to be “united as one.”

She attempted, unsuccessfully, to sway the Dragon Queen to her side with promises of power, which Alexstrasza immediately denied and began chasing her down. Kalecgos and an adventurer came to the Redoubt and fought off the invaders.

After being defeated, she flew away towards the Wetlands, claiming that, if the red and blue dragons would not accept her master’s power, she would find someone who will.