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About invisium

Invisium was founded in 2014 and is currently ranked #1 guild raiding mythic content on Auchindoun EU.

What we offer?

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere in and outside of raids and the opportunity to progress as a team. Competent raiding core which is always willing to help new, returning and/or less-experienced players. Optional activities outside of raid times such as alt runs or mythic keystones. While having experience in heroic and mythic content is a big plus, we will always consider and help newer players that show dedication and willingness to improve.

What we expect?
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Check how we are doing in Battle for Azeroth

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    Ny'alotha, the Waking City

    Mythic 12/12

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    The Eternal Palace

    Mythic 4/8

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    Crucible of Storms

    Heroic 2/2

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    Battle of Dazar'alor

    Mythic 6/9

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    Mythic 7/8

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What we expect

Team oriented mentality which highly values teamwork and group progress. Fairness towards your fellow guild/raid mates. This means: attending raids, showing up on time, being prepared and doing your research ahead of time. If certain events cannot be attended, we expect you to let us know in advance whenever possible.

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Raid Times:

We have two dedicated raiding teams. All raids take place between 20:00-23:00. Team One is raiding on Wednesday and Thursday and Team Two on Wednesday and Sunday. Additionally we are organizing Fun raid runs for all guildmates.


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